Come As You Are 2020

Come As You Are

Portrait Project

In 2019, we kicked open the doors of Stonetree Creative with the “Come As You Are” Project, an opportunity for REAL people to come experience a contemporary photoshoot and see themselves in a whole new light (pun absolutely intended!). I created portraits of over 50 people and showed their authentic selves to the world at a gallery showing here in the studio.

Engaging. Authentic. You.

What does “Come As You Are” mean?

It can mean ANYTHING as long as the REAL YOU shows up! 

For this series, makeup IS NOT required and you don’t need fancy clothes, but if you want either of those, go for it! Just be you. 

Authenticity is the spirit behind this project.

If you want to get creative and really show off a certain side of you, I’d LOVE to capture it.

I believe that YOU are beautiful just the way you are.

I want to create portraits of you where you can finally see yourself the way I do.

I'm Looking for 50 People to "Come As You Are"

Will You Be One Of Them?

What will you show the world?

How Much Does It Cost and How Does It Work?


This is an all-inclusive package for only $299. The fee not only holds your date, but it also covers the one-on-one consultation, a 90 minute photo shoot, an image reveal session with one complimentary image, and an invitation to the exhibition and celebration. [NOTE: Hair and makeup provided at an additional cost.]


This year, we are limiting the number of participants to 50 so don’t wait! 

Starting January 20, we will be shooting on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10am, 1pm, or 4pm.



The photo shoot should take 1-1.5 hours and don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. I’ll guide you through every pose, every step of the way and make sure you are comfortable.


After the photo shoot, I’ll go through all of your images and choose the best of the best. I’ll then treat you to a Reveal, either in the studio or online video meeting, and you can choose your complimentary image. You are certainly welcome to buy more images. You’ll also receive the high resolution digital file at no extra cost.

Don't miss your chance this year!

When I saw the portraits he had created, I couldn't stop staring at them. I couldn't believe that that was ME! I have never felt more beautiful, confident, or strong.
Stonetree Creative - Portrait closeup of woman
2019 CAYA Participant

About Matt Stagliano

I created this Come As You Are project because to me, this is personal. No one seems to think they are photogenic. But even more concerning to me is the sense that so many people think they aren’t worth creating a beautiful portrait of themselves.

I know firsthand, the transformative power that a beautiful portrait can have on how you see yourself. My mission is to make you feel amazing every time you look at your portrait.

I want you to know:

I SEE you.

Your HEART shines in your eyes.

You deserve to be seen.

You are enough.

Stonetree Creative - Matt Stagliano Headshot


Here are just a few of the images from last year!

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