Personal Branding Portraits for a Photographer

I first met Kelly at a creative workshop years ago. When she asked me if I would create personal branding portraits for her, I jumped at the chance!
woman in a green shirt sitting in a chair with a tattoo of a camera

I first met Kelly at a creative workshop a few years ago. Immediately I was struck by how friendly and full of positive energy she was. While we are both New England photographers, we run in slightly different circles based on the genres that we shoot – me with personal branding portraits and her with children and maternity.

A few years passed and occasionally we would connect on social media, but it was sparing.

However, when I started using Clubhouse, we got back in touch when we came across each other in some of the same photography rooms. Kelly reached out directly one day and said she wanted to update her personal branding photos and have me be the photographer. I was more than happy to work with her!

I have to say though, shooting images of another photographer is always a bit nerve-wracking, since there is pressure to be perfect, but Kelly is really sweet and beautiful and talented, and I realized quickly that there was nothing to worry about. Our connection was strong, and although I knew she was a bit nervous (everyone is) she trusted my process. 

This shoot itself was a lot of fun, and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so openly with a client. But that’s what Kelly makes you feel – safe and open. She really has a gift. We shot quite a few different looks, from fun and airy, to professional, to boudoir and a bit of everything in between.

At times the shoot was also very challenging especially when equipment doesn’t want to cooperate! I had a handful of issues with my camera and lights, nothing that stopped the progress, but those little annoyances that pop up. Adapt and overcome. I think Kelly being a photographer actually helped since it’s a shared experience between professionals and things just happen.

At the end of the day, we didn’t want to stop shooting, but with a 3+ hour ride back to Boston, we had to call it quits! It was an absolute honor to shoot Kelly, experience her larger-than-life personality and in my humble opinion, these images turned out great!

Hair and Makeup by Kelly Glover

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