The Unfiltered Experience

No Color. No Fancy Wardrobe. No Photoshop.
Just stunning photographs of you, exactly as you are

Rediscover the Art of Authenticity

It's Time to Break Free

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, feeling the burden of every filter you’ve ever used? We live in a time where there’s a lot of noise about how we should look, dress, and act. But let me tell you, the most courageous thing you can do is to be unapologetically you.

Now, imagine a photo of you that’s more than just a snapshot. It’s a celebration of your true self, your spirit, your natural, unrefined beauty. This isn’t just any photo; it’s a bold statement of self-love and acceptance.

This is the cultural shift I’m witnessing, and I call it “authentic acceptance.”

For quite a while, I’ve been drawn to portraits that capture the real, raw, and soulful essence of a person, more than the glitz of glamour, fashion, or even fine art.

I’ve always dreamed of creating a Black and White photo experience that celebrates our natural looks, and boldly declares that we are as beautiful as any high-end magazine spread, just the way we are.

That’s why I decided to launch the Unfiltered Experience

black and white portrait woman in leather jacket
black and white image of bald woman
closeup of woman black and white
a black and white photo of a smiling woman

The Unfiltered Experience: No Masks, Just You

Being photographed as part of the Unfiltered Experience is brave. It takes courage to be seen exactly as you are – without makeup or new clothes. And I know that deep down, this is exactly what you’ve been yearning to show to the world. “This is ME, As I Am!” is something you’ve wanted to say for a long time.

In this Unfiltered Experience, we will create photographs together, exploring your personality in THREE ways: a Movement portion, Expression portion, and Skin portion. Exploring a photo session this way is the ultimate form of Personal Branding

Step into the studio where the space transforms into your stage. As your favorite music fills the air, let it move you. With each movement you make, with every step and sway, you’re painting a picture of your own rhythm, your story. There’s no choreography here—just the pure, unbridled expression of you. Outfit one is where your spirit dances free, and we capture it, moment by genuine moment.

Change into your second outfit, one that speaks to the heart of your character. It’s time to let your face tell its tale. Here, a smirk, a thoughtful gaze, a burst of laughter becomes a testament to who you are, the silent yet potent language of your inner world. It’s about those unrehearsed moments that bring your true self to light, allowing your expressions to do the talking.

The final outfit is chosen by you to narrate the story of your skin. This chapter is about texture, contours, and the raw honesty of the skin you’re in. It’s the freckles, the lines, the scars—each one a symbol, a memory, a part of your unique narrative. This part of the session is about honoring the canvas that carries you through life, without alteration. Some may choose nudity, implied nudity, or to stay fully clothed. I want YOU to interpret what this portion of the shoot means to you.

Even though we’ll finish capturing photographs, the magic continues. Together, we’ll instantly unveil the raw images, fresh off the camera. It’s a moment of revelation, where you select your favorites right there and then, experiencing the rush of seeing yourself in pure, unedited form. 

By the end of this hour, by the end of this day, you’ll not only have photographs but also a newfound connection to the person in them—you, unfiltered.

What Does Being "Unfiltered" Look Like?

The Unfiltered Experience - Stonetree Creative
The Unfiltered Experience - Stonetree Creative
black and white image of woman in black shirt leaning over chair back

How Much Does It Cost?

Get set for a kickass photo session that’s not gonna cost you an arm and a leg! 

This session fee is only $450. 

And guess what? Just by showing up and being your amazing self, you’ll receive a free digital image of your favorite shot. 

Reserve your spot now! 


What About Products?

At the studio, I’ll have several of my favorite world-class products for you to see, hold, and touch so you can choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.

From “9-Up” Wall Art to a stunning Storybook that is fully handmade (including the paper!) to a luxurious folio box of matted prints – you’ll have your choice of how best to display all of your images. Just remember that all products and additional photographs beyond the one included are sold separately.


unfiltered story book product
9-up wall art for the unfiltered experience



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