There Is No Deeper Connection

Than The One You Make To Yourself



What is the TRUTH Series?

A better question to ask is “When was the last time you saw the TRUE you in photographs?”

Your life is a unique set of events that has made you exactly who you are – and that is worth celebrating, no matter your age, identity, or body type.

When we show up as WHO we actually ARE, we give others permission to do the same. Isn’t it time we all not only celebrated those perspectives, but embodied them?

That’s why I created the Truth Series. 

The Truth Series is a special photographic project for me because while I believe every photo contains beauty, I also believe connection and story are everything, and I want EVERYONE to be included in this project. 
Especially YOU.
Are you an Artist? Veteran? Doctor? Author? Equestrian?
Who ARE you? 
Are you in transition? Recovery? Chemo? Post-divorce rebuilding? Shifting careers? Starting a non-profit?
What is your STORY?
I want to hear your stories, your ups and downs, your successes and failures – everything that made you who you are. Then we are going to capture that.

I want to create portraits for you that embody those facets of your personality that you’d love to highlight. Images that would be the cover photo of a book written about your life.

I will record a short interview with you that will be part of the video documentary shown at the culminating gallery event. All of the participants will be celebrated at the event and I want your story to be part of that. 

I get it. You’re busy, you’ve got things to do, and the thought of spending a full day at a studio to get portraits made just sounds overwhelming. 
Well here is a chance for you to have a personalized 90 minute portrait session with the focus on capturing the essence of YOU. Your Spirit. Your Soul. The beautiful body that is your shelter. The emotions that drive you. The reason you are living your Truth.
black and white woman in black jacket posing
woman with curly hair laughing black and white
SO WHAT's the catch?

No Catch. Just a willingness to see deeply.

I’m limiting this series to 40 individuals and plan to photograph the series through the first half of 2023.

This incredible series includes:

  • Project limit of 40 Participants
  • Pre-session consultation
  • 90-minute session in the style of your choice (a $450 value)
  • 2 outfits (Hair & Makeup available for $200)
  • Instant reveal and ordering available
  • (1) High resolution digital files suitable for any Web purpose (a $375 value)
  • Professional hand retouching
  • Delivery of your digital file in 48 hours or less after your Reveal
  • Inclusion in, and free admission to the Truth Event held at the end of the project (currently slated for Summer 2023) and a personal copy of the Truth Series Magazine

All of this for $399
Limited to 40 Participants

How Does It Work?

When you sign up:

After reviewing your application, you only pay $399.

That guarantees your spot in the series. 

In the next 48 hours, I will contact you to setup time for your consultation. This is where we will dig in and design your session.

On the day of your session, I’ll guide you every step of the way. We’ll record your story on video and capture portraits that illustrate the incredible person you are!

After the session is complete and you’ve had a moment to relax, we’ll review all of your images and choose your favorites. You will then be able to select any additional products and order them immediately! 

man looking through hands
black and white portrait woman in leather jacket

What makes this special?

Years ago I ran the “Come As You Are” campaign because so many people I know are too shy to get in front of a camera (can you relate?) and I wanted to show them what a great experience it is to have a professional photo session.
But there are just as many people that know exactly who they are and want to bring their story to the world. They’re just not given the chance. Are you one of them?
While we shoot for 90 minutes in the studio, I’ll also interview you to make sure your story is captured and we get to the core of who you are – your essence. Your Truth.

To me, living your TRUTH means several things:
It means you exist perfectly, exactly as you are.
It means you are worthy of being recognized.
It means your story is worth telling.
It took me a long time to discover myself and be able to speak my truth with confidence, but that journey brought me to peace and contentment.
What is your journey?
So get in touch and let’s fill in the blank.
“My Truth is…”

Every Body Is Beautiful.
Every Soul Has Story.
It's time to be seen & heard.
It's time to speak your Truth


What To Expect with the Truth Series

For this very limited series, the cost is $399. That includes the photo session and (1) final digital image, a video interview, inclusion in the Truth Series Gallery event at the end of the project, and a copy of the Truth Series magazine which contains every participant’s story. Also included is a whole new way to look at yourself!
You are more than welcome to purchase additional images at your Reveal session.

Absolutely. Image collections start at $2000 for 10 images and go up from there. Pre-payment plans are accepted and encouraged! 

Just fill out the application form below and let me know why you’d love to be included in this series!

That’s not something you even need to worry about! I’ll guide you through every step of your session so that you’re able to show up authentically without “feeling” posed.

At the end of the Truth Series, in addition to receiving your portrait, each participant will receive a copy of a special edition magazine that includes stories from everyone that stepped in front of the camera. There will also be a gallery event displaying all of the final portraits at the Stonetree Creative studio in Bethel, ME


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