Commercial Video – Sunday River Snowmaking Pipe

In the middle of 2018, I was contacted by PNP Supply, a company out of Colorado that is the premier distributor of ductile iron pipe – the stuff that most ski resorts use for their snowmaking infrastructure, to make a commercial video. They told me that they would be installing two miles of this revolutionary pipe at Sunday River and they would love to document the process. Very little is publicized about modern ductile pipe installation and a video would help PNP continue to grow their business across the US.

Sunday River here in Maine has always prided itself on having some of the best snowmaking in the country. I knew immediately that this would not be a small undertaking. I jumped at the chance to be part of this process.

The Project

PNP Supply knew exactly what they wanted, and I worked with them on storyboarding their concept. Fortunately, they had a wonderful design department that had a very clear vision of each shot in the video.

I pulled in some amazing local filmmaking resources to help on the more complex shots and the project would not have looked as amazing if it were not for the help of SP Films, Mainescape Media, and Adam Metterville Video Production.

We filmed over the course of several months in order to get the various phases of the installation. Sunday River also provided footage of their snowmaking tests at the beginning of the 2018-19 season. Employees of the resort performed the installation and they battled long, hot summer days to finish the job.

Editing and revisions took a few weeks, but we happily made any tweaks to realize the vision of PNP.

The project itself succeeded without a hitch and finished ahead of time and under budget.

We are extremely proud that PNP Supply chose Stonetree Creative for such an important commercial video. We hope it will be a centerpiece of their brand.

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