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2019/2020 Edition

Hey there-

I’m Matt Stagliano, the owner of Stonetree Creative, western Maine’s premiere photo studio located right here in Bethel. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about why I am creating SUMMIT Magazine.

As a fellow business owner in Bethel, I know that word of mouth is everything, especially during tourist season. I also know that in order for our community to grow and for our businesses to succeed year over year, we need a tight knit community of owners willing to work towards a common goal. 

That’s how my idea for SUMMIT Magazine was born.

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OK, So What Are We Doing?

Get to the Point
Stonetree Creative - SUMMIT Magazine mockup
Sample Mockup of the Cover of SUMMIT Magazine

SUMMIT is an annual magazine highlighting the best businesses in the area. 

What makes SUMMIT different is that you’re not buying a small ad or a website link

You get a FULL PAGE showing a portrait of YOU working in YOUR BUSINESS as well as a interview style WRITEUP, along with all the information anyone would need to get in touch with you or visit your shop. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, website, phone…you name it, we’ll include it.

There will be no other advertising in SUMMIT. I want YOU to be the ad. I want people to actually read the content and get to know you.

As a photographer, I want this to be The Vanity Fair of Bethel. In as little as a 30 minute session, I’ll come to your business, take the images, collect the info I need for the article and then your work is done! Once we’ve reached our goal, I’ll publish the issue and you’ll receive copies of your own to keep in your shop, hand out, whatever!

We can all leverage more quality advertising amongst our own networks for the betterment of the small business community as a whole. Rising Tides lift all ships!

There’s a lot more value for you that will go along with SUMMIT, but I want to tell you all about it in person.

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If you’re interested in being part of SUMMIT, just press this green button and I will be in touch!

Our goal is to start shooting images in November and publish the first issue of SUMMIT in January 2020, so don’t miss the chance to be part of it!

If you have any other questions, just choose one of the packages above, fill out the contact form, and ask away! 

There is NO OBLIGATION to buy, but it’s the easiest way to contact me!

Please don't try to right-click download this image. Contact us if you need something!

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