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About Me

Quite frankly, my About Me is more About You and why you should get to know me!

Don’t want to read about me? That’s cool.

If you still want to get to know me without actually having to call or read anything on this page, then just watch the video right here. 

If you’d rather listen to my story and learn about my business, you could check out my full length studio tour and also listen to my episode on The Portrait System Podcast.

I know what it's like to be uncomfortable in front of the camera.

But Life is way too short to have uninteresting portraits

Self Portraits are my way of expressing vulnerability. Because if I don't do it, how can I ask you to do it? But let's start a bit more slowly.

If you ask anyone that knows me, they'll tell you I'm happy, confident, caring, and generally a nice guy. I bet your friends say the same thing about you.

So I can sit here and list my whole resume, or you can give me a call, get to know me and make your own judgement.

The fact of the matter is that even though I may not know you, l love you. Yes, I said I love you, because I do. The mere fact that you exist on this planet, at this point in time, is worthy of my love.

I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, and will show you that, through photography, you can discover all new wonderful parts of yourself. Just the way I did.

But Matt...

This is an About Me page

Tell us the good stuff!

Allright. You asked for it. I’ve been a bouncer, bar manager, DJ, musician, and  physics and calculus teacher. I’ve worked in biotech, been an IT nerd, have worked in mergers and acquisitions for the Fortune 50, been a human resources executive, business architect, consultant, television host, filmmaker and now a photographer. It’s been a pretty varied life. I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

So Why Photography?

I feel like I was put on this planet to be a guide. Not like a ranger in a National Forest type of guide (although that would be pretty rad), but someone to guide others to see who they really are. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and managing and leading others, and at this point in my life, photography is the tool I use to do that.

I LOVE helping people discover different parts of themselves and talking through their innermost thoughts. When we come to a better understanding of ourselves, we just tend to be better humans all around.  I can show you the REAL you that hides deep inside. That person that is waiting to explode onto the world’s Main Stage.

What You Don't Change, You Choose

That's the motto I live by, and it helps me get out of bed and make the most of every single day. We're not here all that long, so how will you make your mark?

Let's have that conversation so I can hear all about your plans to change the world.

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