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"The idea of sitting for a portrait made me feel anxious, jittery and to more to the point want to barf. And then I met Matt. I experienced what Stonetree Creative was all about. He instantly made me feel comfortable, effortlessly taught me a few “tricks of the trade” and allowed me to open myself up to an intimate portrait session."
Stonetree Creative - Lindsay Luetje Testimonial
Lindsay Luetje

The 3-Step Process

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Get In Touch

I want this to be a perfect match. Contact me and ask every question you have so you can feel completely comfortable. I'll explain exactly what is going to happen and what you need to do to prepare

Get Photographed

Once you book your session, I’ll help guide you through things like how to choose your clothing, the best type of makeup (if you want it), and then you leave the rest to me. My job is to make you look better than you can imagine.

Get Your Images

There is nothing quite like hanging a portrait on the wall, or displaying your prints in a beautiful folio box. I’ll help you decide what is best for your home and most importantly your budget.

Experience the Experience!

Watch this video to see some behind the scenes action from an actual shoot
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I will help you see yourself like never before. And you're gonna love it.

We hang pictures in our home to remind us of good times, or a vacation, or of loved family members. As we become a digital culture, we hang fewer pictures of ourselves in our homes.
A physical portrait is a showpiece, something to be proud of, or a timeless gift. Professional portraits are a phenomenal way to capture moments in time. Maybe it’s a new phase of life. Maybe it’s a gift to someone you love. Maybe it’s a way to record a stage in your family’s growth. It’s those moments that are quickly lost in today’s digital avalanche. Every one of my images is provided as an archival quality print, along with the high resolution digital file.
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