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Studio Tour of Stonetree Creative

Sue Bryce Education and the Portrait System Podcast have given me the phenomenal opportunity to showcase my studio to the world. Please enjoy this studio tour and video interview where I discuss the building, my story, and everything about how I run my business here in Bethel, Maine.

Reasons to Watch the Studio Tour

Here’s the description from the Portrait System Podcast of the studio tour:

“Are you a photographer who has a *very* varied background? 

Did you just switch careers and are in the midst of just starting a photography business, and aren’t sure what equipment you actually need? 

The Portrait System’s studio tour with Matt Stagliano is so unique because his story is one of non-stop self-growth and determination. 

Matt has been a teacher, bouncer, night club manager, a DJ, an IT technician, HR executive, business architect, he’s worked in mergers & acquisitions, he’s been a consultant, a TV host, and videographer all before he was ever a portrait photographer. 

His unique journey and detailed studio tour with tons of priceless tips and advice will inspire you and remind you that no matter what you’ve been through or where you’re starting out, you can create a successful career in photography and build a life that’s not only meaningful but extremely enjoyable. “

This was an incredible experience to actually sit down and talk about some of the more tactical parts of my business: what gear I use, how I approach my pricing, and many of the challenges that I faced when starting Stonetree.


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