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Discover the unparalleled perspective of Part 107 licensed aerial photography with Stonetree Creative, now offering professional drone photography services in Maine. Elevate your brand, real estate listings, or personal project with breathtaking aerial imagery that captures every detail from a unique bird’s-eye view. My expertise in drone photography ensures that your story is told in a visually stunning and impactful way. Perfect for real estate aerial shots, outdoor events, and commercial projects, these high-quality aerial photos are more than just images – they are a powerful storytelling tool. Located in Maine and serving a wide range of clients, I am here to transform your vision into a compelling aerial masterpiece. Contact me today to book your aerial photography session and take your project to new heights.

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Sky-High Creativity: Elevate Your Story with Our Drone Photography!

"Every picture tells a story, but aerial photos invite you to write it from a whole new perspective. With a drone's eye view, your narrative will not just be told; it will soar."

"I’ve been a commercial photographer and videographer since 2013 and have provided content for national level brands, working directly with their Marketing teams to craft the precise look and feel for their product. Adding Part 107 licensed aerial imagery to my catalog of services opens up even more opportunities for you to show your project, event, or property in new and exciting ways."