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The Portrait Process

This video about the portrait process will give you an overview of what to expect from your first phone call to holding your final images.

Connection is everything to me, and I make sure that my process reflects that. When you come to Stonetree Creative, every part of the portrait experience is catered to YOUR needs so that we capture images that are as unique as your personality.

If you don’t find your answers in the FAQ section below, do NOT hesitate to contact me.

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Common Questions

...About the Process

What types of Photography do you offer?

I am a portrait photographer so basically I love taking images of people and helping tell their story. That said, I specialize in Personal Branding, Headshots, Narrative Portraits, Intimate Portraits, and Fine Art. No weddings. No babies.

Where will the shoot take place?

Unless we agree to shoot at an off-site location (like your office, or a nearby park for example) I hold all of my sessions at the Stonetree Creative studio in Bethel, ME. I can control everything from the light to the temperature when I'm in my studio, so we never have to worry about unexpected weather ruining a shoot.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my session?

At the moment I am typically booking out 1-2 months in advance. When we have our consultation we can compare our calendars and find the best fit for your schedule.

What days do you book your sessions? Are you available on the weekends?

I am not available on the weekends. I hold that time as sacred for finding work/life balance. My session days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week.

How long will the session take?

A typical portrait session will take about 3-4 hours: An hour for hair/makeup, 2 hours of shooting, and an hour to review your images and talk about next steps. We typically start at 10:30am and you are done by 2:30pm.

How much does all of this cost?

Great question! I separate my session fee from my images, so that you are not locked into buying things you don't need. My session fee is $450. Images start at $400 each, and packages start at $1500 for 5 images. A typical client will spend between $2500-$4000 but I will do what I can to work within your budget.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

I understand that sometimes Life happens. I allow for one reschedule so long as it is no less than 7 days before your session date. The $450 session fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Additional rescheduling will be subject to additional session fees.

Can I bring a friend with me to the shoot for moral support?

Friends and loved ones are welcome to accompany you to the studio, but they are not allowed in the shooting area during the session. They can wait in the client area if they choose. I want all of your attention on feeling your best and being free of distractions.

What happens if there is bad weather?

That's the best part of owning a studio - no worries about weather. The only time weather would cancel a session is if the roads are too difficult or unsafe to drive.

...About Getting Ready

How should I prepare for my photo shoot?

Start drinking more water now! I'll be sending you plenty of information prior to your shoot like a styling guide, makeup guide, studio magazine, as well as checklists on how to prepare your hair, nails, and skin so that your session goes as smoothly as possible.

What should I wear and bring with me?

Since the first hour of your session will most likely be spent in Hair & Makeup, I want you to be comfortable. Wear something casual and easy to change out of, and then we will look through all of your outfits to determine the order of what we will shoot!

Will we plan the look of the shoot together?

Through our conversations I'll be able to plan out most of the shoot before you ever step through the door. However, this is a collaboration and i want to make sure you get everything you want so we can absolutely incorporate your ideas!

Do you have a hair and makeup artist available?

Yes, I typically have a hair and makeup artist available upon request. I use several different artists based on the time of year and scheduling, but they are all full time professionals so you can rest assured knowing you're in good hands

How can I be sure you'll know what I like?

The best thing you can do is be as open and honest with me as possible. Very little offends me so I'm always open to feedback and making corrections on the spot if you're not seeing the types of images you expected. By sending me examples of your favorite styles in advance, I can be sure to tune in to your exact needs.

If I send you pictures of something I saw that I liked, can you copy it?

I won't copy another artist's work, but I can certainly throw my spin on the image based on the lighting, styling, composition, and color. People often ask if I can replicate a look and while I will do my best, the uniqueness of what we create is the magic!

Do you have a checklist of items I need so I don't forget anything?

Yes, prior to your session I'll send you a checklist of essential items to bring as well as some ideas for things that you otherwise may have forgotten.

...About Images and Products

I have never done this. What are the most popular packages and products?

Firstly, congratulations on getting in front of the camera! How exciting! My most popular collection is my 20 image folio box which is handmade in Italy and holds (20) 5x7" prints matted to 8x10". I also have a wide selection of wall art choices to fit the style of your home.

What is the turnaround time for images and products?

Typical turnaround time for images is about 2 weeks. There is typically one week between the shoot and the Reveal, and then another week to make any revisions or edits. For product timing, prints and wall art are taking approximately 4 weeks from the time of order to arrive at the studio.

How and when do I get to see my photos?

Immediately after the session, we will schedule the time for your Reveal & Ordering appointment which is typically 7 days later. At the Reveal, you will see all of the best photos and make your final selections.

Can I post my photos on social media?

In short, yes! If you have ordered digital images, once your invoice is paid in full, you'll receive your images via Dropbox in both Full and Web resolution. I have certain guidelines and conditions that must be met for posting on social media, but I will be happy to go over all of those with you when we meet.

Will you publish my photos online?

I often use my clients' images in my own marketing, but am happy to abide by your wishes and/or need for privacy if you would prefer not to have them used in that way. Your images will NEVER be sold to a third party, or used in any other way without your consent.

Why am I getting prints? Can I just print the photos myself?

Purchasing prints is an individual choice. I believe that prints last for generations and are the best way to connect emotions to your images. Digitals too often get lost or deleted. You are welcome to print the images yourself, but you get what you pay for! I only use the highest quality professional photo labs in the world which far surpasses any quality offered to consumers.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes, you can upgrade your package at the time of the Reveal. You can also add images to your package at any time after the Reveal, but package pricing may not apply.

Can I order more prints later?

Yes, you can add images to your package at any time after the Reveal, but package pricing may not apply.

What happens if the number of photos I want is between package sizes?

If you happen to be between packages, then the price per image will be the same as the lower package. So for example if you were between 20 and 30 images, the cost for an additional image would be based on the 20 image package. Sometimes there is more value in going UP to a larger package, and I will cover all your options during the Reveal.

How long do you store my images?

I store your images for 12 months and then they become archived. If after 12 month you would like to review your images, an unarchiving fee may apply.

Do you offer both color and black & white images?

I LOVE shooting in black and white, but as a professional, I shoot my images in RAW format, allowing me to process the image in either color or black & white without sacrificing anything.

What is your retouching philosophy?

I believe you are beautiful exactly as you are. My retouching is very subtle and my aim is to make your images look extraordinary. I NEVER perform body-shaping or manipulation without you specifically requesting it. During the Reveal, I will make notes about what revisions you would like on your images and will never make you like like a person you are not!

Can I request certain editing techniques?

Certainly you can request revisions, and I will do my best to accommodate them but I am up to date on all contemporary retouching techniques, attending several classes per year learning from the industry's best retouchers and digital artists.

What if I have revisions I'd like to make?

All you have to do is tell me the specifics of the revisions you'd like and I will do my best to accommodate them. I allow one round of revisions for free, but multiple rounds of revisions may be subject to additional fees.