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No two businesses are alike and how you position yourself in the market makes all the difference. Whether you run a blog, a small retail shop, restaurant, law firm, Fortune 500 company, or a sole-proprietorship, having the right commercial imagery to support your brand is essential. If you want to outpace your competitors, hiring a professional commercial photographer is the right choice.

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"I’ve been a commercial photographer since 2013 and have provided content for national level brands, working directly with their Marketing teams to craft the precise look and feel for their product. The commercial work we create is regularly published in magazines, newsletters, blogs, and websites all over the world. You tell me what you need, then let me do the heavy lifting. You’ll love the freedom and cost savings we can give you."

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I was incredibly humbled to receive the 2019 Commercial Image of the Year award by the Maine Professional Photographers Association. Thank you, MPPA!