The "GenXposure" Project

it's time to reclaim your narrative. Because you, my friend, are anything but old.

Are you tired of feeling 'outdated' in this digitally obsessed world?

Yeah, me too!

Welcome to “GenXposures” – a Black and White photo campaign that’s all about embracing our lived-in looks, loving our experience lines, and shouting out to the world that Gen X is more than just a bunch of ‘neo-boomers.’

You've been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

From surviving the crazy ’80s, rollerblading through the ’90s, to embracing the whatever social platform we’re supposed to be on, you’ve seen and shaped it all. You’ve gained invaluable life experiences, a ton of amazing stories, and let’s not forget, those sexy grey strands and laugh lines. They’re your badges of honor, wear them with pride!

black and white portrait woman in leather jacket

So What is "GenXposure"?

“GenXposure” is more than just a photo campaign; it’s a celebration of you, exactly as you are. No filters, no contouring, no pretense – just the authentic, weathered, and infinitely interesting you. I want to capture your raw charisma, undeniable charm, and the wisdom etched into your features.

Imagine walking into a room, flipping through a coffee table book, and seeing yourself, not as society portrays ‘aging’, but as a confident, attractive, still-rocking-it individual. Think about that moment of shared acknowledgment with others like you – that you are still full of life, still relevant, still undeniably sexy.

I believe in honoring the rich tapestry of experiences that each wrinkle, each grey hair signifies. Because getting older isn’t about becoming ‘irrelevant’; it’s about living, learning, and still having one hell of a time!

So, what’s the plan, you ask? It’s simple. You sign up, we’ll set up a time, you show up AS YOU ARE (no hair & makeup teams, remember?), I do my thing with my camera, and voila! You’re part of the coolest campaign around.

And the best part? At the end of it all, I’m throwing an event where you, along with others of our kickass generation, can come together, raise a glass to life, and celebrate the portraits that tell our story.

black and white
woman sitting backward in chair black and white

How Much Does It Cost?

Get set for a kickass photo session that’s not gonna cost you an arm and a leg! 

This is an exclusive deal for an unbeatable $299. 

And guess what? Just by showing up and being your amazing self, you’ll receive a free digital image of your favorite shot. 

Now, here’s the deal: I’d be stoked to feature your image as part of the #GenXposures project and at an unforgettable celebration bash when I tie it all up. 

And if you’re itching for more stuff, additional images, prints and products are available for purchase.

Don’t let this deal slip away. Reserve your spot now! It is limited to a total of 50 participants!

a self portrait of photographer Matt Stagliano in a green denim jacket with his legs crossed



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