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Undeniably You.

Learn Why We Are Different

You Are Everything.

When it comes to choosing a photographer or a portrait studio, you already know what you want and what fits in your budget, but what you can’t predict is how you’ll be treated or what your experience will be.

My mission is to be the only photographer you'll ever need by giving you the most incredible portrait experience you've ever had. Period.

Why Professional Portraits?

Because the real you isn't captured in a phone selfie.

No matter what phase of life you're in, what your job is, or what your goals are, having professional portraits can show the world the real you. Headshots can land you a better job. They can help you find a new partner. Your business relies on your personal brand which starts with portraits. But best of all, images like these teach you how to love yourself again.

What will you show the world?

A Portrait Studio Where

It's All About Connection

Every client, every need, every day. That’s my job.
As a professional, I’ll design a personalized shoot for you, take care of all the details, and make you feel confident that you made the right decision by coming to Stonetree.
And that’s before I ever take a picture.
So what can I create for you?

Luxe Portraits

You deserve to be seen.
Let's show the world the real you by creating images that captivate.

Personal Branding

First impressions are everything and nowadays you are your own brand.
So how do you want to be viewed?


Whether you're an actor, executive, or recent grad, having fresh headshots immediately sets you apart from the crowd.

Fine Art

Conceptual images and unique creations are where we shine.
Let's create magic!

Commercial Content

Make your business stand out with stunning images of everything you've worked hard to build.

we hope you'll be saying

Best Portraits Ever

There is no one like you. Anywhere. Never has been. Never will be. Our ONLY job is to capture THAT person and tell YOUR story.

Sure, you can settle for cheaper photos that will be "good enough" to get the job done.

But you deserve better than that.

Let me show you just how beautiful you really are.

You're worth it.

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