Corporate Headshots for Andrew

Professional headshots are core to most businesses these days. If you don’t have a consistent look and feel throughout the company, your brand could be diminished. No one likes to look at a website where the executive staff looks like they took their headshots with a phone camera.

When Andrew approached us to refresh his corporate headshot, our first stop was to look at his current website. Understanding that the rest of the executive staff has plain white backgrounds, we knew how we had to shoot and light the session.

Andrew arrived for his session prepared with a few outfits but settled on using a blue blazer and white shirt – a perfect traditional look for a guy. The session didn’t take long, maybe 25 minutes. We then went through the photos and he chose his favorite. I performed my basic retouching and sent him his photos.

A few weeks later, I got an email from Andrew saying that, while they were exactly what we shot and he agreed to, he just didn’t like how he looked in the photos. He didn’t feel like they really represented him the way he is every day. Without hesitation I had him come in for a second sitting, free of charge. I know how important these images can be for companies, and I want my clients to be 100% satisfied.

When he came back we talked about what he didn’t like about the first sitting and we determined that it was just that his hair didn’t really look like he normally wears it. Easy fix. I adjusted the lighting to make the background even brighter. We sat, made sure he felt good about his overall look and reshot it. In less than 20 minutes, we had a slew of new shots and he chose his new favorite on the spot. By the time he got home, his new, retouched image was waiting in his inbox.

I want all of my clients to trust that I will give them exactly what they want, and I won’t settle until their professional headshot is perfect.

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