An Introduction to Stonetree

A lot of folks questioned my sanity when I said I wanted to start a second company. Believe me, there are days I question it as well!

What are You, Crazy?

When I would go through my introduction, a lot of folks questioned my sanity when I said I wanted to start a second company after spending the last five years of my life building a national brand with Firelance Media. Believe me, there are days I question it as well! Opening a brick & mortar portrait studio and creative agency in the age of smartphone photography is one of the most daunting things I have ever done.

If it’s one thing I have learned from countless miles on the road, hundreds of thousands of shutter activations, and talking to thousands of people, it’s that everyone and I mean everyone, appreciate a good photo of themselves.

It’s one of the questions I ask most often: “When was the last time you had your portrait taken?”

Nearly all of the time I hear people say, “Ugh, I hate being in pictures” or “Not today, I look awful.”

I typically respond with, “Well the right person hasn’t taken it then. Give me a chance.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

When it does, I don’t take that responsibility lightly. If someone puts their trust and faith in me to create an image that they want to love, that becomes my all-consuming mission. I want to be able to make that person change their opinion about portraits of themselves and go home feeling beautiful, or badass, or connected to their partner.

The fact is, the creation of portraits is NOT about me as a photographer. It’s about going through the process of peeling back layers or a personality and letting someone be their true self in front of the camera. It’s not just pressing a button. It’s a way of letting the world see exactly who they are and the beauty contained within.

So I started Stonetree because I believe with the core of my being that everyone deserves to be seen.

No one should go through life feeling like they can’t have a beautiful photo of themselves. Being able to share an image with your family and friends is not only a way to preserve a moment in time, but it allows you to relive that feeling of self-worth, love, and most of all, personal freedom.

The Final Word

Whether it is with me or one of the other amazing portrait photographers in New England, get your portrait taken this year. It’s about time the world see you as you truly are.

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