Olivia – Portrait Session Behind the Scenes

I met Olivia while working on a commercial product launch photo job for a client in New Hampshire. She said she always wanted her portrait taken. We booked a date after I explained my process to her, and we talked about how she would like to be photographed.

Olivia knew she wanted quite a few black and white photos since she was in love with the “old Hollywood” style but also wanted a variety of looks. We planned for anywhere between three and five outfit changes. After her hair and makeup session with Kelly Glover, we dove in. We started simply with some natural light images and then stepped it up to a full-on glamour-shoot. As we got rocking and rolling, the time flew by. Before we knew it, four hours had passed.

The laughs were constant and Olivia looked more stunning with every outfit she put on. Enjoying a bit of fruit and Prosecco, we recapped the day and both got excited about the images we were creating. Nora McCormack from SP Films was on hand to help as a photo assistant and take a few behind-the-scenes video clips for me. I took the clips and edited them down into a brief glimpse of the day. Take a look.

Liv came back up to the studio three weeks later for her Reveal session. She wound up walking out with a package of images that she can show off to everyone.


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To see more of his work, please visit parkerpfister.com

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He is also a long time social media specialist and discusses the very early days of Twitter and how he has used social media to create an exceptional experience for all of his guests for over 15 years. The conversation covers his views on creating community, setting expectations with customers, and all of the comparisons between the world of Hospitality and Social Media.

You’re going to love this conversation.

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