Senior Pictures for Teddy

Senior Pictures Matter

Senior pictures are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to capture a young person as they become an adult. Teddy and his mom came to me because they had a special wish.

In our very small community, the local high school has about 30 kids in the graduating class. This year, Teddy was one of them. A quiet, confident young man with piercing eyes and an athletic build, Teddy is already a man in everything except name.

Teddy’s mom called me and wanted to know if I could accommodate an urgent request. 

Typically, schools require a yearbook photo by a certain date. In this case, it was the end of October, meaning we had about 5 days to have the shoot, edit the photos, and choose the favorite for the yearbook. “No problem,” I said, because good customer service is what Stonetree is all about and I wanted Teddy to have amazing photos.

The Photo Shoot

About two days later, after football practice, Teddy showed up with a few different outfits ready to go. He didn’t want the typical “boy leaning on a car outside” type of shots. He told me that he wanted images that could be on the cover of Vanity Fair or GQ. He wanted to emulate some of his favorite athletes that he had seen dressed well in magazines. Well, that’s what I do best.

For the next hour, I taught him how to pose, worked with him on his expressions, and tried varying lighting. He forgot to bring his suit jacket, but I had one in my wardrobe and it was a perfect match to his pants. Throwing it over his shoulder gave him a bit of variety in the images and made him even more cover-worthy.

The shoot went perfectly and after Teddy got over his nerves we had a lot of fun. A few days later, I had Teddy and his Mom come back into the studio to choose their favorite. By looking at the gallery below, which image do you think it was? 🙂

Senior pictures only happen once and there is no harm in wanting to get outside your comfort zone, creating a look that will mark this incredible moment in time. 

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want in your senior photos, and if you have something that you’d love to try, all you have to do is ask!

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