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Headshots vs Personal Branding Portraits

Headshots vs Personal Branding Portraits? Is there a difference?

In contemporary photography, there is certainly a difference between traditional corporate-style headshots and more customized Personal Branding portraits.

A lot of people argue this point and say things like “Personal branding portraits is just a fancy sales name for headshots” 

The truth is, headshots and personal branding portraits go hand in hand. They are two sides of the same coin.


What are Headshots?

One of my mentors said to me “Headshots are are like having the person in the photo looking outwards at someone. Personal branding portraits are when I look inwards at you!” I thought it was a very interesting way of describing the two.
The difference is not only perspective, but also the intent of the photos. Are you applying for a job and just need a simple white-background headshot, or are you promoting your business and need a variety of authentic content? Are you crunched for time or can you spend a bit of your day creating images of your true personality?
I believe that everyone, regardless of their profession should have at least 2 or 3 great headshots of themselves. Not only is it just an accurate representation of what you look like, but professional headshots immediately say that you invest the time and energy to take pride in yourself.

Our corporate headshot sessions typically last about 30 minutes and we can choose your images on the spot. We offer white, gray, or black backgrounds, but can also easily customize to match your company brand.

Once the images are chosen, you’ll have your retouched photos in 48 hours or less. We’re happy to provide them in a variety of formats, sizes, and shapes to fit your needs.

Examples of Headshots

What is Personal Branding? Why Personal Branding Portraits?

Personal branding portraits are like taking headshots to another level. This is where we can get the real you to shine through. 

Like it or not, we all have our personal brand and that’s the image that how we portray ourselves to the world 24/7. There is depth, and connection, and a way to show your customers, your colleagues, your clients – who you really are. 

If you’re any level of entrepreneur or small business owner, personal branding is vital to your business. If you want to set yourself apart from everyone else, the personal branding portraits are the path forward. 

We will work to understand your message, and how you would like to be seen, and we customize a portrait shoot that will give you the headshots, social content, or even dating profile that will make anyone stop scrolling. 

A typical shoot can be either in the studio or on location. We’ve done many personal branding sessions here at the studio, and they’re all different, but we are also willing to travel to your location to capture you in your environment.

A straightforward personal branding session usually lasts 60-90 minutes and we’ll make sure that we give you all the formats and sizes you need for your online presence.

So, corporate headshots vs personal branding portraits. Is there a real difference? Absolutely. They go hand in hand to show the world exactly who you are, and more importantly, why that is so special. 

Examples of Personal Branding Portraits

We would love the chance to talk to you about what you may need and help you decide which type of session will work best.

When it comes to service, there is no difference in our approach to headshots vs personal branding portraits. We’ve designed our packages to be easy for you, making the entire process very straightforward.

It all starts with a phone call. What are you waiting for?

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