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Personal Branding Portraits with Sioban

Sioban works in the apparel industry and was in the midst of a career shift, so she reached out to me to see if she could get some personal branding portraits she could use for business as well as home.

The Consultation

Since Sioban was coming up to the studio from the Boston area, it didn’t make sense to make a 3 hour drive for the consultation. Normally, I like to sit with a potential client face to face and talk about how they want to be photographed. In this case, it made sense to use Zoom. We could still have our meeting “face to face” and get a feel for how the process would go. As we spoke during our consultation, we decided she didn’t want to have the normal, standard corporate headshots. She wanted something that more represented who she is, what her personality is like, while maintaining a professional feel. It was the perfect mix of personal branding and luxe portraits.

The Shoot

On the day of the shoot, Sioban arrived with several outfits and plenty of ideas. After spending a few minutes talking, I introduced her to Kelly Glover, a local makeup artist, and got her started with hair and makeup. This part of the process generally takes about an hour, so during that time we talked, laughed, had some coffee, and kept brainstorming what we’d like to shoot. I setup some backdrops and prepped some lighting so we could get started right away.

I always start with a bit of natural light to get everyone warmed up and so Sioban could get used to how I direct my posing. After that, it was about 4 hours of non-stop shooting, changing outfits, getting makeup touchups, and laughing. By the end of the day, we were both pretty exhausted, but flying high because it was so much fun.

The Reveal

About 3 weeks later, Sioban drove back up to the studio for her reveal. I had edited and printed about 25 images for her to choose from. When she arrived, she got to see a behind-the-scenes video that I had made about her day. Then I walked her over to the reveal wall and she got to see all of the images, side-by-side. That’s when the happy tears started. Lots of happy tears!

She loved them all and went home with a folio box full of her favorite prints.



The Aftermath

Personal branding is all subjective. For some people, it’s about getting some updated business headshots. For others, it’s a way to express themselves. For Sioban, she wanted to feel empowered, and beautiful, and professional. I think we were absolutely able to give her what she wanted. But don’t take my word for it. Check out her video testimonial about the experience!

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