Our Portrait Process

What is the Portrait Process?

A lot of things about photography have changed since I was a kid.

I remember heading to the mall photo studio and all of the stiff, awkward
posing, the weird backgrounds, and the packages of photos that had like 400 wallet-sized images.

I don’t think I even know 400 people.

Well, all that has changed. A portrait experience today is drastically different. When you come to Stonetree Creative, my goal is to be the only photographer you’ll ever need, whether that’s Luxe portraits or personal branding, head shots, fine art, or commercial work.

Here’s a brief over view of our portrait process.

The Consultation

When you contact me, I’ll schedule a time to talk to you some more about how you’d like to be photographed.

We call this our consultation, but it’s really a chance to get to know each other. It’s free. There’s no obligation, and it’s an opportunity for me to get to know you and for you to see if I’m the right fit. Get a deep dive into the consultation in this post.

The Session

After the consultation, if you want to move forward, we’ll pick a date for your session. I’ll send you all the contract paperwork electronically, and you can pay for your session fee all online.

We can then start communicating about wardrobe, style, or the look and feel of your photos. Speaking of photos, it’s important to note that the session fee is separate from any images. I only want you to buy what you love, and there’s no minimum, but I’m convinced that you’ll love your images so much, you’ll have a hard time choosing.

On the day of the shoot, if you’d like to have complimentary hair and makeup from a professional makeup artist, I’m happy to provide it.

The session will last anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the type of photography you want and how many outfits you bring.

Typically, clients will bring four to five different outfits with them.

During the shoot, my job is to guide you through all of the posing step by step.

Your job is to relax and enjoy the process. We’ll have your favorite music playing. We’ll laugh all day. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the day goes by.

The Reveal

After the session, I’ll hand retouch all of your images, turning them from great to extraordinary. When they’re complete, I’ll reveal the images to you either in person here at the studio or through a video call.

You’ll be amazed at how beautiful they are and how amazing you look in them. I’ll work with you to choose your favorites and determine which images you’d like to order, and every image includes both print and digital versions.

When we have your selections, I’ll walk you through all of the product
options, and you can create your own a la carte products, or choose one of our packages. Again, I only want you to buy what you love.

We provide a high-end, magazine-style photo shoot, professional retouching, and an incredibly easy ordering process.

I believe you’re beautiful exactly the way you are, and I want to prove it to you.

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