Generator Ep. 025 – Nora McCormack: Blazing a Trail to Your Ideal Life

Podcast Title: Generator Episode Title: Nora McCormack: Blazing a Trail to Your Ideal Life Episode Number: Episode 25 Publish Date: 26 Feb 2024 Episode Overview In this episode, Maine portrait photographer Matt Stagliano talks with Nora McCormack, a videographer and entrepreneur based in the Portland, Maine. She is the owner of SP Films which provides wedding video packages, a partner at Maine Studio Works, and the founder of AfterParty - a nonprofit in the wedding industry. Guest Profile Guest Name: Nora McCormack Short Bio: Nora is a high end wedding videographer based in Maine. He company, SP Films has been in business for 16 years. After a solo backpacking journey in Southeast Asia and hiking over 2000 miles on the Appalachian Trail, she decided to wind down her successful business and start a non-profit in the wedding industry that is more aligned to her values and beliefs, and her hope is to reduce the wasteful spending she sees in the industry. Nora expresses frustration with the constant advertising and marketing in their business and personal life, and wants to be an agent of change. Links: SP Films: Key Topics/Talking Points Wedding videography and personal adventures. Business struggles and personal growth. Hiking the Appalachian Trail and societal class. The impact of technology on creativity and contentment during a thru-hike. Hiking the Appalachian Trail and its impact on business and mindset. Wedding waste and repurposing flowers for charity. Sustainable wedding practices and business growth. Transitioning from video production to event planning. Legacy, customer service, and video production in the wedding industry. Resources and Links SP Films: Calls to Action Website: Subscribe to Generator: Never miss an episode – subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Leave a Review: Head over to the Apple Podcasts show page and leave us a 5 Star review if you liked the show! Help others discover this podcast. Follow on Social Media: Connect with us on Instagram or TikTok @generatorpodcast or on YouTube @stonetreecreative wedding, florals, Appalachian trail, business, video, repurpose, videographer

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Generator Ep. 024- Caron Shahrestani: Building a Values Based Business with Video

Episode Overview Join us as we explore the worlds of video marketing, social change, and self-discovery with the insightful Caron Shahrestani. Caron shares her journey from journalism to videography, her experiences confronting cultural inequities, and her mission to empower others through video and coaching. This episode tackles a range of important topics, including the shifting social landscape, women's leadership, and the power of storytelling for impact. Guest Profile Caron Shahrestani is a videographer, coach, and founder of Caron Modern Media. Based in Silicon Valley, she helps businesses navigate the evolving video landscape with compelling storytelling and authentic marketing strategies. Corona is passionate about breaking down societal barriers and fostering a more inclusive and equitable world. Website: Explore Caron's work and offerings at Schedule a Strategy Call: Book a complimentary call with Caron at

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