Generator Ep. 008 – Brian Simpson

In this episode, Maine-based portrait photographer Matt Stagliano interviews Brian Simpson of Definitive Brewing Co. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Brian has worked as a Food & Beverage Director in Boston, NYC, and several locations in Maine. From the Plaza Hotel in NYC, to the Roger Smith Hotel, to Newbury Street in Boston to Definitive Brewing Company, Brian has an incredible wealth of experience and is as down to earth as you can get. He is also a long time social media specialist and discusses the very early days of Twitter and how he has used social media to create an exceptional experience for all of his guests for over 15 years. The conversation covers his views on creating community, setting expectations with customers, and all of the comparisons between the world of Hospitality and Social Media. You're going to love this conversation.

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Generator Ep. 007 – Carrie Roseman – Manifesting Your Dream Business

In this episode, Matt Stagliano speaks with Carrie Roseman, a high-end portrait photographer and educator located in CT and NYC area. Carrie is an energetic force of nature and has built her business around creating an unforgettable luxury experience for her successful clients. The conversation covers manifestation, becoming your authentic self, outsourcing work to stay in your "zone of genius" and creating engaging content to drive non-stop bookings. It's a high energy conversation and one that you are sure to enjoy. To see more of Carrie's work please visit

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Generator – Ep. 004 – Sissela Johansson: From Imposter Syndrome to Authenticity

In this episode, I speaks with Sissela Johansson, a portrait photographer located in Monroe, CT, and she explains the benefits of authenticity in her business, reinventing herself, setting boundaries with clients, and the pitfalls of social media.

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