A Visit from Mom and Dad

Growing up in the 1970’s I can clearly remember my father being somewhat of a hobby artist in his downtime from being a teacher. String art, stained glass, macrame, and photography were just a few of the creative outlets.

My Mom, ever the dedicated homemaker, developed her creativity a bit later in the craft world.

As a family, we have countless photo albums, slide reels, and stacks of unorganized prints. But for all of those pictures, there are an exceedingly few that have my parents together in front of the camera. Even as kids, I think we only got my sisters and me together at a Sears studio for the obligatory kids photo.

While my parents have always supported my venture into photography, it’s rare that I have my equipment with me, ready to capture family gatherings. I’ve managed to snag a few family photos, but they are always in a living room, or some setting that just doesn’t look very professional.

Mom And Dad Come To Maine

So when Mom and Dad said they were coming to visit me in Maine, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to get them dressed up and into the studio for some portraits.

I could tell right off that they were a bit nervous, as almost everyone is at the beginning of a session. This was the first time in their almost 50 years of marriage that they were being captured by a professional. But a few shots in, everyone started to relax and the smiles came in waves. By the end, Dad was feeling like a stud and Mom wanted to play with props like a fur stoll and feather boa!

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to be able to capture my folks with each other, and look forward to getting these printed up for their home.

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