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I do work for local real estate agencies. While I was recently in Arizona attending a workshop, the images of this home were published in an article in the Wall Street Journal. All I can say is how grateful I am!

As a photographer in Maine, and in a small ski town at that, there are lots of opportunities to use my skills to help other businesses.

One of the ways I do that is to work with real estate companies near me and help them capture images for their listings, whether those are seasonal rentals at Sunday River, or homes for sale near Bethel. The real estate market is booming all across the country and there is no shortage of work for photographers that know how to make a home look its best.

One of the companies that I love working with is DeIulio Realty Group in Bethel. One of the recent jobs I was given was shooting a classic A-Frame style home in Norway, ME that was up for sale.

After taking images of the interior of this gorgeous home I knew it was something special. But like with most of these jobs, my involvement is over once I get the edited images to the client. So I wished Anthony and the homeowners good luck with the sale and moved on.

What I didn’t know is that while I was in Arizona attending a workshop, the images of this home were published in an article in the Wall Street Journal

The. Wall. Street. Journal.

Holy s*%#.

Apparently the article was talking about iconic A Frame homes and had reached out to DeIulio Realty for their listing. A few of my images were used.

I’ve been published in many magazines over the years, but there’s nothing quite like a feature in one of the world’s most respected newspapers. What an honor!

I’m just happy doing my job and helping local real estate agencies, but getting a bit of recognition ain’t so bad every now and then. I am very grateful to Anthony DeIulio and his team for their continued partnership!

You can find the full Wall Street Journal article here. Meanwhile, I’ll just be over here feeling pretty good.

wall street journal article on iconic a-frame homes
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