Lindsay Luetje Testimonial

You will not regret investing in the experience

“In my lifetime, I have found a way to be the one taking the pictures and record beautiful people and moments. The idea of sitting for a portrait made me feel anxious, jittery and to more to the point want to barf. And then I met Matt. I experienced what Stonetree Creative was all about. He instantly made me feel comfortable, effortlessly taught me a few “tricks of the trade” and allowed me to open myself up to an intimate portrait session. I walked away feeling lighter. Rather than dreading how the images might turn out, I trusted that it would all be okay; I was actually excited to see the results. I cannot recommend Matt more highly for any of your professional or personal photography needs. You will not regret investing in the experience and product that Stonetree Creative creates.” -Lindsay Luetje

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A lot of folks questioned my sanity when I said I wanted to start a second company. Believe me, there are days I question it as well!

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